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website coverI’m thrilled to announce the release of my new series, “Foundations for Success, Eight Weeks to Real Estate Success.”

If you’re a new Sales Representative who’s looking for simple systems that can get you up and running to becoming a successful REALTOR®, or if you’re a more experienced agent who could use some refreshing on systems, then check out my new series, “Foundations For Success”.

This series consists of 5 easy to read volumes plus a workbook and has been designed to help new real estate salespeople achieve a a rapid and consistent level of success in their first eight weeks.  It provides information, systems, skill building opportunities and tools as well as an eight week work plan to get you up and running as quickly as possible and eliminate the hit and miss approach taken by many new salespeople.

Adobe Photoshop PDFIn Volume 1 – “On The Right Foot” you’ll be introduced to Business Planning, the real secret behind getting started without falling into the traps encountered by most new Sales Representatives.  It will also introduce you to the key components of success, consistency and organization; doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, as often as it needs to be done, in every aspect of the business, including time, client and financial management.

Adobe Photoshop PDFVolume 2 – “Good Hunting” will familiarize you with various types of prospecting techniques, and even more importantly than the types of techniques, you’ll learn to develop the mindset required to be consistently successful at it.  You’ll be shown how to develop and maintain one of the most important long-term prospecting activities, a farm, an activity which will establish you as the best known and most knowledgeable REALTOR® in the area. We’ll review the many different active forms that prospecting may take, including making prospecting calls, door-knocking, Open Houses, converting For Sale By Owners, networking, trade shows, and participating in client and community events.

Volume 2 examines not just lead generation but will also help you develop a complete and organized lead follow up system, so that the leads you generate result in ongoing and future business.  You’ll read about how to follow up with leads rapidly, effectively and to set them up on a program that keeps you in touch with them until they’re ready to act.

Adobe Photoshop PDFIn Volume 3 – “Listings, Listings, Listings” you’ll read about, and prepare a listing system that differentiates you from other REALTORS® and helps influence people to want to work with you before they actually meet you.  It discusses listing presentations that demonstrate to the potential client that you’re able to provide them with the value they’re seeking and what they feel is important, not what you believe your value is.  You’ll also learn to develop a highly organized listing system that ensures you follow a consistent process for every listing, thereby reducing or eliminating the possibility of missing any steps throughout the entire sales cycle.

Volume 3 will also review and discuss offer management, a key component of a well-constructed listing system.  The management of offers, both single and multiple, can easily become disorganized and chaotic without a standardized method of handling the many aspects of what can be a complex procedure.

Adobe Photoshop PDFIn Volume 4 – “Buyers, Buyers, Buyers” you’ll read about different buyer demographics, what the average buyer in each is looking for when purchasing a home and the questions that will help you determine what your client is looking for, what type of buyer they are and that will help you narrow down their needs and wants.  By following the systems in this volume, you should be able to review the properties for which they’re looking and help you find them the right property in the least amount of time.

As in Volume 3, this volume will help you develop a buyers’ system, including an offer management system for your buyer which will enable you to protect your client’s interests while obtaining the property with the least amount of difficulty.

Adobe Photoshop PDFAnd in “Volume 5 – I’m Just Sayin’”, you’ll be introduced to a critical skill you’ll need to develop, objection handling.  Using the BASIQ technique, introduced in this volume, you’ll be able to quickly and easily determine what the true objection is and by asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers you’ll have the opportunity to understand what the client’s concern is and, even more, how to handle it.

The next critical skill you’ll need to cultivate is your communication abilities, in order to eliminate the major source of complaints against REALTORS®, a lack of communication or a miscommunication that was never resolved.  This volume will discuss how your ongoing task will be to, through the use of open ended questions and active listening techniques, fully grasp what your client is trying to communicate to you as well as ensuring that the client is able to clearly hear and understand the information you’re providing.

You’ll also be introduced to negotiation, which, if not prepared for, can be a very disconcerting experience.  You’ll learn how to work towards a win-win resolution, how to prepare for the negotiation and how to develop and execute an effective game plan, complete with specific strategies to achieve the desired outcomes.

And last, this volume will provide you with direction on marketing and advertising.  As with any other system, your marketing strategy must planned out for the year so that you don’t miss any component or spend money where you needn’t, a major point of failure for most new salespeople.  You’ll learn how to write ads that appeal to buyers.

Adobe Photoshop PDFAnd finally Volume 6 – “The Workbook” will provide you with a weekly, step by step approach to building and managing your business.  You’ll have opportunities to develop, in a logical, proven, sequence by completing the exercises provided, the systems, skills, and tools you’ll need to smooth out the learning curve, reduce the time required to implement the systems needed to ensure their success and begin earning a steady, reproducible and predictable income in a shorter period of time.

Adobe Photoshop PDFYou can purchase the volume or volumes you need, as well as the workbook, on an individual basis or you can purchase Volume 7 – “The Complete Series”, which includes everything in the other volumes plus the workbook, in one easy to follow volume.

To find out more about what’s in each chapter, or to purchase your pre-release copy, click on the images above.

PS.  I’m always open for recommendations and ways to make things better, so feel free to drop me a line at if you have any suggestions or questions.  Hope you enjoy the books!

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