This book has been written with the conviction that the key to success as a REALTOR® is the ability to find, secure, sell and prospect listings. They are the only sure source of a steady, predictable income and are the foundation of a business which can be grown to become whatever the REALTOR® wishes.

This book has been designed to provide some guidance to REALTORS® about how to overcome these concerns. In this book you’ll find systems and tips to assist you in prospecting for listings, determining what your clients perceive to be the most important value you can provide as part of your service, demonstrating your value and proving that you’re worth the commission you charge for the services you provide.

Here’s some of what you’ll find inside:

Listings or Buyers – What’s the Difference?

We review why listings are so important, how to prospect for them, manage them and how to use your current listings to find more listings and buyers.

Hunter Gatherer or Farmer

Think like a farmer, but Act like a hunter

  • Farming
  • Hunting Season Starts TODAY
  • Giving Starts the Process of Receiving
  • The Phone is Your Friend
  • Timing is Everything
  • Knock, knock, knocking on…
  • Right now, in your neighbourhood
  • Come One, Come All
  • Help Me, I want to Sell my House!
  • I Get Around…
  • Show me what you’ve got
Time Keeps On Ticking
  • Be a Morning Person
  • Do One Thing
  • I’ll get to it later-itis
  • I Just Have a Quick Question
  • Forward Focus


I Object!
  • Objection Handling on the Fly
  • Objection Handling at the Presentation
  • Beat them to the punch
  • The BASIQs
  • Closing Questions
  • Listen, Ask and Listen Again
  • What do you mean by that?
The Kick-Butt Listing Presentation
  • It’s All About Them!
  • The Complete Package
  • The Listing Presentation
It’s All About Systems
  • The Listing File
  • The Listing Board
  • Your Communication System
Exposing the Client
  • Preparation
  • Understand your Target Market
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge of the Property
  • Structure of the Ad
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Expose their best side
  • Minimize to Maximize
  • Hey look at Us!
  • Highlight the Home
  • Come Take a Peek
  • Come one, come all
I’ve Got an Offer for You
  • Offer Management System
  • Next Steps
Those Pesky Conditions
  • Business Days vs. Date and Time
  • Common Faux Pas
  • Notices, Waivers and Amendments
Prospecting the Listing


Here’s what Raymond Aaron, NY Times Top 10 Best Selling Author had to say about the book.

List to Last by Stephen Silver is intended to help you understand that you can achieve greater success if you take the steps necessary to become a REALTOR® who focuses on listing properties. It is Steve’s premise that a determined commitment to doing the things you need to do, on a daily basis, is required in order to develop the leads you require to obtain those listings. Without ongoing prospecting, a dedication to providing outstanding service to your clients, the ability to understand your clients’ perception of value and the ability to be an outstanding negotiator and objection handler, your business is doomed to an inescapable mediocrity. This book will encourage you to challenge your preconceptions, develop and / or rethink the systems you’re using, and perhaps radically change your business model. By comprehending and personalizing the systems examined in this book, you will find huge power and success. In this book:

  • You will see how you can achieve the success you deserve
  • You will see that as you hone your skills at prospecting for, closing on and managing listings you will become more powerful and that your business will grow at a significantly greater rate than you’ve ever experienced.”
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