Foreword By Bruce Keith

Recently a new Salesperson revealed to me what most newly licensed individuals experience… “Bruce, when I got my real estate license, it seemed like they gave me the keys to the car but then nobody taught me how to drive it.”  There’s a lot of wisdom in that analogy and…no doubt a lot of frustration for people starting out.

In his first book, List to Last, Stephen Silver focused on prospecting for, closing on and managing listings.  In his second book, Foundations for Success, Steve takes you through a very detailed process of “how to drive a car.” As a new REALTOR®, you need to take time to develop your business without wasting time and money.  You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a simple business plan that will take you on the trip from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Avoid the most common traps in which new REALTORS® get caught.
  • Implement the systems that help you:
  • Become organized, in terms of managing time, finances and clients.
  • Connect with and cultivate the leads you’ll need to develop in order to secure a consistent, reproducible business.
  • Manage listings and buyers from start to finish.

This series provides specific business building exercises for you to complete that will utilize the information provided and get you on track to success fast.  You’ll see how you can achieve the success you deserve and grow your business at a significantly greater rate than you ever thought.

I have known Steve Silver for a long time… he knows the business inside out and is an excellent “driving instructor.”  Follow these steps, take them on chapter by chapter and you too will be “a great driver”.  Good luck…turn the key and start your engine!

Bruce Keith

Bruce Keith is a leading Motivational Speaker and Trainer for sales organizations in North America, specializing in Real Estate Sales.

He has been in real estate in excess of 27 years, including 16 years as a top Coach for thousands of Sales Agents.  Learn more at


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