inspectionPerhaps one of the most stress-creating occasions occurs when the seller refuses, or is unable, to leave the home during the inspection.

I had the bad luck to have this issue many years ago.  I had been in the business for less than a year when I listed a home owned by an elderly couple who had built the home in the 1950’s.  It was in a very desirable area and was only on the market for about three or four days when we received and accepted an offer which was subject to financing and inspection.  The inspection was scheduled and on the day before the inspection, I spoke to the sellers and told them I would come by to take them out while the inspection was being held.

They declined to leave the home due to medical reasons, so I informed the buyers’ REALTOR® that the sellers would be in the home and that I would be there as well to try to keep them from interacting with the inspector.  Since I was going to be there, the other agent asked if I could keep an eye on the inspection as they had another offer to deal with.  I agreed and on the day of the inspection, I arrived at the home early so that I could explain the process to my clients.

The buyers and the inspector arrived at the agreed time and started the inspection while I stayed on the back deck with my clients.  As the inspection proceeded, despite my warnings and requests, my client (the husband) would occasionally drift off the deck and look in on the inspection.  About half-way through the inspection he didn’t return, and when I found him, he was following the buyers around and arguing with the inspector.

Finally, as the inspector was removing the electrical panel cover, my client exploded and threw the inspector and buyers out of the house.  As you can imagine, this effectively terminated the deal.  It’s an inspector’s job to find issues with the home so the buyers are aware of exactly what they’re purchasing. Sometimes the sellers have a hard time hearing that their much beloved home has problems.

This is definitely not the place for the sellers. Get them out of the house.

Inspection Woes
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