systemsEver wonder how those superstar REALTORS® manage to get and handle all those listings?  Is it that they’re smarter than you, or are they just plain better than you?  It’s none of those things.  It’s that they’ve spent time and loads of energy developing and following systems.  Systems that make sure they do the same thing every time, for every listing and buyer.  Systems that ensure they don’t miss a step in their prospecting, in their follow up, in their marketing, in the servicing of their clients and in the management of the pre and post sale phases of the transaction.

Systems ensure consistency, and consistency comes from being highly organized and following the same process and procedure every time, for every person.  Successful REALTORS® are highly effective and efficient salespeople, who don’t have time to try to remember what to do when they list a property or when they write offers for buyers.  And here’s the funny part of it.  They share those systems.  At conferences, at workshops, at REBar Camps, on YouTube.  One of the hallmarks of great agents is their willingness to share their “secrets” with other, less experienced agents.  Josie Stern shares her experience in developing a farm area in my book, List to Last.  Richard Silver shares his systems with people at REBar Camp.  Danny Wood shares his video prospecting system at many different conferences.  Mark Arnstein shares his success with video systems at Richard Robbins’ Secrets of the Masters.   And many, many more incredibly successful REALTORS® are out there sharing their systems with others.  All you need to do is attend the conferences, spend some time and listen or watch.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  You may need to adapt, to personalize the system so that it works for you, but it’s not necessary to build a whole new structure.  You just need to find the system, put it in place, let it work and make changes as you go.  Success is no secret.  It’s all about systems and consistency and an almost religious fervor to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.  Follow your systems and watch how much easier it all becomes.

It’s all about Systems
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