Triple-layer-chocolate-cakeIn my coaching experience, one of the most frequent obstacles I’ve run into is that people just don’t do what they need to do, as much and as often as they need to do it.  I’m referring, of course, to that old bugaboo, prospecting.

I’d suggest that it’s awfully difficult to do ten deals if you only spend enough time looking for three.  It’s simply a numbers game; the more you look for business, the more likely it’ll be to turn up.  Conversely, the less time and effort you commit to building your business, the greater the chance that you’ll have none.

It’s like building a cake.  You’ve planned to create this gorgeous three layer chocolate cake.  You have the recipe, the tools, the ingredients and the ability to make this fantastic creation.  But, instead of taking advantage of everything you have to make this come to pass, you only put in enough flour and eggs to make one layer.  Or, you put all the ingredients together and then just don’t put it into the over.  How could the result be anything but unsatisfactory?

It’s said that cooking is an art and baking is a science.  That’s because it’s so precise.  So much flour, so much sugar, so many eggs, baked at a specific temperature for a specific amount of time and voila, the perfect cake.  Forget one component and the cakes’s ruined.  Prospecting is the same.  So much time, so many contacts, so many appointments and voila, a deal!  Don’t do as much as you need to do, as often as you need to and your business plan’s ruined. 

So, if you want that perfect three layer cake, you have all the ingredients.  You just have to use them all, in the right amounts.  Bon appetit!

The Three Layer Chocolate Cake
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